Earth at Hidden Pond is closed for the season - Please join us May 2017!

Dinner Menu

Please click here for a print ready version of our 2016 Dinner menu.  Please note, that our menu changes frequently due to the seasonality of our ingredients.

*Chilled Bagaduece oysters, sweet onion mignonette, oxalis, Meyer lemon 22
Baby Speckled romaine, coddled duck egg dressing, Reggiano, rye crisps 16
Wood fired mussels, goat whey bread, wood nettles, pickled nectarine, ricotta salata 16
Maitake ceveche, pickled Vidalias, dandelion greens, ricotta, onion ash 18
Crunchy glazed pork ribs, mustard pickles, Fresno chiles, fried shallots 20 *
Bluefin tuna, pickled tomato, dashi, soy, nori, wasabi, silken tofu 22
Broccoli greens and kale salad, shaved spring vegetables, lime-serrano vinaigrette, spicy peanuts 17

Rice cakes, Pork sugo, star anise, Lamb’s quarters, sesame cabbage 18/28
Ravioli, corn, leeks, agrumato, Reggiano parmesan 18/28
Gnudi, English peas, pistachio butter, mortadella, Reggiano 18/28
Pizza with Mascarpone, Goat ricotta, Lobster mushrooms, roasted garlic 19 Pizza with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil 18

Local seafood paella with English peas and pea greens 39
Grilled hanger steak, corn, cherry xo, lovage, panzanella, Sheep’s feta 42
Enormous wood fired ribeye, Heirloom squash, Salsa Verde, potato salad with Peekytoe crab 165
Wood fired Maine lobster, massala, coconut milk, sticky rice, Chinese broccoli, lime pickle 44
Hake, wood fired tomatoes, fava bean emulsion, smoked lardo, horse radish 38
Whole roasted bass, Fideos, eggplant, smoked bacon, garden herbs, Black Mission figs 44
Braised pork shoulder, Maine clams, Lola sausage, grits, garlic scapes and herbs 29
Cheeseburger, mushroom escabeche, steak sauce, pepper jack, fries 18
Steamed then fried chicken “for two”, Heirloom squash, Salsa Verde, potato salad with Peekytoe crab 68

Chicken wings, squid ink, sesame, buttermilk, Isot chili 10
Split pea falafel, Sheep’s yogurt, watermelon, Peekytoe crab 12
Wood fired meatballs, sweet and sour peppers 10 Beet and turnip green kimchee 5
Shishitos and sea salt 6
*Shaved beef salad, mango, hot sauce, fennel 6
Summer melon, lemon verbena, crème fraiche, piri piri 7
Wood fired green beans, sweet peppers, jerk spices 8


Our Thanks
We could not make our work here happen without support from our local farmers, artisans, and ranchers:
Hidden Pond Gardens ♦ Tibbits’ Edibles ♦ Ted Johnson Lobster ♦ Sage’s Garlic & Greens ♦ Browne Trading Co ♦ Clover Leaf Farm ♦ A Wee Bit Farm ♦ Anthony’s Artisanal Coffee ♦ Chick Farm

*Consuming raw or under-cooked foods may increase the risk of food borne illness*